When it comes to removing a tree from your property, it can be a bit of an emotional struggle. Since trees have long lifespans, they can become a part of your home. While trees can have benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health, they’re also potential safety threats. Because of this, it’s vital to know if they’re a risk.  

Every tree will eventually become too dangerous because of age. However, before you hire a tree removal Tuscaloosa AL company to get rid of your tree, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

Are There Smaller Branches Sprouting at the Tree’s Base? 

While they might appear appealing, it’s certainly an indication that your tree is in poor condition. These sprouts happen after the tree has been under severe stress. A couple of these causes can be: 

  • Compacting soil 
  • Too much sun 
  • Excavation 
  • An injury incurred from a construction project 

This does not entail always removing the tree. However, hiring a professional tree care company to evaluate it is a wise move. Also, you should have rot and fungus on your radar if you’re looking at the trunk for new sprouts and small branches. There can be a more severe rot problem on the inside if you can detect fungus on the tree. 

Are the Tree Roots in Excellent Condition? 

Are the roots damaged? When thinking about the tree’s overall health, the tree’s base is also an excellent place to look for the tree’s condition. The tree is in jeopardy of falling due to a lack of support if the roots happen to be rotting or damaged. Another thing to search for is the space between the tree and the ground. It can mean that the respective side has root problems if you see a tree lean. This means the root can’t keep the tree firmly on the ground. You want to have the tree eliminated right away if you see a condition like this.  

How’s the Health of the Trunk? 

Combined with overall health, the tree trunk’s health on its own can tell you a lot about how the condition of the tree is. An excellent example of this is if the trunk has cracks or cavities, it can be a sign of a volatile tree can could topple over at any period. This will place any person and any property nearby at risk. Also, an obvious indication to look for if a tree requires removal is if it has hollowed out. The structural integrity of a tree is compromised if the trunk is hollow. It’s not as durable and it has the possibility of falling over.  

How Healthy is the Tree? 

Without a doubt, this is perhaps the most crucial aspect in determining if the tree should be removed or spared. There are a couple of indications that show poor condition. This includes odd-shaped leaves or branches, and stunted growth. Oftentimes, you’ve got to remove a tree if the tree simply looks different, is damaged, or appears to be discolored. Hiring a professional tree care company is your ideal bet.